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Our infant/toddler program is for children 6 weeks- 2 years old. There are three rooms that the children are split into.

Our Playful Pals room is for children 6-weeks until about 10 months old. In this room each child functions according to their own schedule. Children feed, sleep, and are changed according to their needs. In between this time they do art, music, tummy time, sensory time, and go outside (weather permitting).

Our Safari Friends room is for children 10 months-18 months. In this room children learn to walk. They begin to learn the basics of cleaning up and sharing. In here they also learn simple words. Educational songs and counting begin in this room. They begin to get on a routine for eating and sleeping. Although this routine is begun, snacks are kept in the room in case they are hungry, and they are still allowed to lie down if tired.

Our Busy Bees room is for children 18 months-30 months. In here they do more singing the alphabet, counting, and learning to clean behind themselves. Their room is broken into centers, reading, fine motor, science, music, blocks, and dramatic play. Art is done several times a week in a controlled manner.

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