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What policies do you have in place to address safety?

We have cameras in all of our classrooms and around the perimeter of the building that is live and recording at all times. Parents are not able to log into the cameras but if there is an issue we can rewind the cameras. Our entire building is fenced in so where there is a door it does lead to a fenced area, except the front door. Our front is locked from the outside at all times. In order to gain access to the building, you have to put in a code at the front door or have someone open it for you. Our front door is also locked on the inside. To get out of the building from the front door you would have to press a button that is located on the wall and then push the door hard. Children are always under the supervision of an adult.

When and how are children’s skills evaluated?

Children’s skills are evaluated every three months. There are several different ways children’s skills are evaluated. For our infants and toddlers, we use the CDC Developmental checklist. We check off the boxes that we have observed the children doing and then schedule a conference with the parents. At the conference, we talk about the skills we have seen and discussed with the parents the skills we have not seen. We ask the parents have they seen these skills at home. Then with the parents, we come up with goals for their children to improve upon. For our preschoolers, we also use the same checklist and we begin a school readiness assessment. We check off the school readiness components they know, such as letter recognition, colors, shapes, sounds, numbers, etc. We then have a conference with the parents to discuss what we assessed. With the parents, we come up with goals for improvement.


Parents are given access to an application called HiMama upon enrollment. Here they receive messages about their child’s day that include meals, potty times, sleep times, supply needs, pictures, etc. Messages can also be sent from the parent to the teacher and vice versa through HiMama. Parents are able to call the facility at any time. They can also schedule a time to talk to the teacher through Zoom or in person.

What is your curriculum based on?

We use a variety of different curriculums together to make our curriculum. Some of the curriculums we use include Creative Curriculum, Crescent City Learning, and Little Stem Academy. Our curriculum consists of monthly themes, letters, numbers, shapes, colors, language, community helpers, and countries. Our preschool class also does monthly science experiments.

How does the school communicate with parents?

At pick-up each day, teachers post notes outside the classroom describing the highlights of the day. Weekly, teachers send emails, which contains detailed descriptions and photos of their week.

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