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Our Core Values

We’re delighted to introduce children to their first classroom experience
in our warm, nurturing environment.
Make Children Dependable


Thoughtful Kids


We Help Your Kids Be a Little More Patient


We Help Your Kids to Be a Team Player


Unleash Creativity in Your Child


A Solid Environment Full of Education and Engagement

Dedicated teachers nurture and guide your child every day. Our top priority is to create an environment that fosters growth and helps your child reach important milestones.

Social Skills that Promote Emotional Growth

Your child interacts with other children and adults in a respectful manner, learning how to share, play together, and ask for help when needed.

Trusted Curriculum Prepares Children to Soar

Thanks to our engaging curriculum and dedicated teaching staff, your child will be well-prepared for kindergarten and the exciting years of grade school, where they can confidently lead their peers.

The Best Preschool in Goodlettsville
The Best Preschool in Goodlettsville
Personalized Individual Child Care & Attention

Teachers strive to provide each student with one-on-one time to monitor their development and work on specific skills. The goal is personalized care and attention to help your child discover their potential.

Trusted Safety Measures Give You Peace of Mind

At FLOE Academy, safety is our top priority. All of our teachers are certified in first-aid and CPR, and we maintain an updated readiness plan to ensure your child’s well-being in case of an emergency.

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